10th anniversary
Business information
Service contents: Design and manufacture windows software, microcomputer software, and electronic circuits / Design and assemble resin-formed products and metal-formed products / Site installation work / maintenance after delivery
Specialty field: Industrial equipment in control system. We handle with sensors and connection devices that are accessible and available in markets. We cannot accept the parts with poor accessibility (parts for mobile phones, etc.), or the parts that are too complicated to handle with.
Development language
and tools:
VisualBasic, Visual C ++, php, CCS-C (PIC microcomputer), Autocad, Solidworks, LightWave, Cadlus series, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver


Our commitment
We will respond flexibly to customer's preference and provide certain technology for manufacturing. We deal with entire processes from designing the electronic board to the external shapes designing and maintenance.
Confirm planning and purpose
Propose and examine shapes and functions
Verify, modify and change with prototype

Manufacture products with ordered quantity
(Possible to order from 1 pc to mass quantity)

Warranty & maintenance
Company Profile
Company name: ZEATEC Co., Ltd.
President: Susumu Hirai
Address: 686, Kokubucho, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-1114, Japan
TEL: 0725-24-4002
Representative email: info@zeatec.jp
Capital: 5 million yen
Founded: May 23, 2006
Industry: Electronic equipment designing and manufacturing
Recruitment information
Our company aims to become an engineer group. We are looking for someone with a skill that can be utilized regardless of nationality, age and experience of work. In addition, the company puts importance on enhancing the skills each individual has. Therefore, our goal is to provide an opportunity for our employees to freely change jobs if the company goes bankrupt, or if the one does not like to work for the company any longer.
Offering details
Those who have skills that can contribute to make things.
Electronic circuit, pattern design, 3 dimensional design (sheet metal, resin type), installation work at site, designer (Industrial design,web, etc.).
Application method
Please contact us by email, telephone, or fax. Usually, we will interview within one week from the day and we will reply shortly.
Minimum wage or more ( no unpaid overtime, strict adherence to labor laws for the matter such as extra pay). Please consider that our company is still a micro enterprise.
Net income will be calculated every half year and 30% of the profit will be distributed based on the degree of contribution. Currently the contribution degree reflects only working hours, but its system will be changed to also reflect the contributed skills.
Employment status
Full-time contract (those who can work 20 hours or more in a week) or outsourcing contract.
Person whom we cannot accept for hire
Those who do not think by themselves and leave every decision to the company, those who cannot understand the social position of micro enterprises, those who do not have curiosity and ambition, those who are not interested in making things, those who have no experience even in hobby level, those who do not feel /agree with the merit to the following employment features, those who do not have proper moral as a worker, those who think that regular employment is secure.
Characteristics regarding employment
Official acceptance of side jobs
The official acceptance of side jobs, which is not yet familiar in Japan, have been applied in our company since its establishment, providing the opportunity to learn the world widely by doing the side jobs.
Basic salary is hourly unit price
Individuals have various conditions to work. Those who are raising children, those who are giving care to their family members, those who are not good at morning, those who regularly visit the hospital, those who has an adventurous spirit such as in doing music activities, etc... you can give as much examples as you could. There are various systems in major companies, but our company solves most of the problems by calculating it by hour unit price (there is no idea of monthly fixed salary). Even for regular employees, it is possible to change the starting time, break time, and leaving time with the individual's declaration (needless to say, but ensuring there is no obstacle in work is an absolute condition). Working less hours would reduce the amount of salary, but there would be no penalty.
Self-declaration of long vacation
There are long-term vacations such as New Year, Golden Week, Bon Festival, Silver Week, and other personal vacation period, and these are to be applied by each individual. Of course it should be under the condition there is no trouble in work. Paid vacation is also managed by labor consultant in accordance with the labor law.
Presentation of employment rules
We present employment rules at the time of interview. Sometimes we might forget to prepare, so please tell us when there is no presentation. You can bring it home on condition that you do not make it known to the public as it is an in-house document.
Interview of employees and labor consultant
We provide an opportunity to have a meeting with a labor consultant every six months. If you are dissatisfied with labor, or if you would like to ask about pension, you can ask them without going through the company. Also, the company orders the consultant to conform to the Labor Law.
No excessive protection of employees
It is an idea that can be both good and bad, but this is to eliminate the workers who cannot contribute to the company. There are common scenes after becoming an independent member of the society, such as; "Why is he/she at the company even though his/her working performance is poor?", "Only if everyone working seriously, then the working environment will be better ...". Such dissatisfaction is seen in many companies, and the harder one works, the greater that dissatisfaction becomes. We feel that many companies fall into bankruptcy even though a company makes an effort in reducing various expenses in daily work due to the situation where the idea of protecting employment becomes too strong. If you feel tired of work, then you can just declare for the long holiday, or you can change your job. If there is a person we judge that he/she has not contributed to the company, we would ask a voluntary resignation. Dismissal notice is also available depending on the individual's wish, but in this case the one is required to mention that this is "involuntary retirement" or "dismissal" in one's resume later on, and the fact remains to be stored at the employment security office. The reason of leaving a company is normally "voluntary", and other statement in a resume would become disadvantageous for an interview, and that is the reason for our recommendation.
Support for starting own business
As the Japanese food industry has the culture of Norenwake system (helping set up another store with the same store name), we assume that there are adventurers, also in the world of making things, who wish to do business in their own way. It does not matter whether or not you join our company, we will support you, though it is on individual level, if you would like to challenge to start your own business.

E-mail:info@zeatec.jp President:Susumu Hirai
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