ZEATEC co.,ltd.

Design and manufacture control equipment in many types

There once was a boy,
who wanted to learn to make things,
but he didn’t know where to start.
So he gathered all the home appliances he could.
He took them apart and studied them,
then collected their electronic parts.

When he grew up, he started a company
that designs and manufactures electronic devices.
Even now the same fire burns within him,
that same desire to make things
that emerged in his childhood.

About us

Since 2006, the company has been engaged mainly in design and production, with the aim of meeting the demand for small-lot equipment and device development in general consumer companies, national university corporations and national research and development organisations.

For inquiries and orders, please contact us via e-mail.


We conduct meetings and presentation on-site as and when necessary. We also cater for remote meetings and respond to requests from overseas. As we generally produce in small lots, we have long-standing relationships with a number of production plants in Japan.

We conduct meetings on control and regulation for production sites. This is not just limited to industrial machinery; we cater for a variety of devices and machinery. (Photos of a creation control meeting and an inspection in progress in Chengdu, China)

Industrial 3D CAD allows one to check the size, shape, and the condition of attachments of finished articles.
Device design is generally made in 3D, allowing one to visualise and examine its size.

We also cater for circuit board design and manufacturing where necessary.
Following trial production and operation, we produce circuit boards for mass production, thus further improving productivity.

We specialise in digital circuitry using microcomputers.
We cater for control requirements and timing in a flexible manner with our reprogramming.

While we cannot develop image analysis or mass-produced telecommunication equipment, we do cater for the entire process of design, manufacture, and the installation of simple control equipment.

In addition, our 3D printers allow us to realise boxing and attachments in an instant.

On average, we produce 1-100 units of equipment up to sizes that can be put on tables.

We strive to cater for on-site wiring and installation anywhere. In addition, using our qualifications and experience in crane operation, slinging, and welding, we strive to conduct our work in a safe and secure manner even in high places and in industrial areas. As such, we possess the required protective clothing, such as helmets, fall-prevention harnesses, and protective footwear.

As designers, we handle copyrighted material such as characters, and as such, we do our utmost to maintain strict confidentiality in our work. Due to the nature of this work, we are unable to reveal many of our achievements. In addition, as much of our work revolves around electronic circuitry, we inevitably produce a variety of items that have many similarities. We kindly ask for your understanding in this regard.

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