ZEATEC co.,ltd.

Design and manufacture control equipment in many types


Company Information

ZEATEC co.,ltd.

Capital: 5 million yen

Established: May 2006

Type of Business: Design

President CEO: Susumu Hirai

5-1 Murodou town, Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture
Japan 594-1101

Contact Details: info@zeatec.jp
*We kindly ask that those contacting us for the first time do so by e-mail.

Trading performance

      • Foundation of ATR
      • RIKEN
      • the University of Tokyo
      • Osaka Metropolitan University 
        and others

*Our trading performance listed is only for directly contracted cases for the design, manufacture, and installation of prototype and commercial equipment. It does not include second or third tier subcontracting, or that which has been sold through retail.

Media Appearances, Flipchart Explanatory Materials, Product Offering

      • NIPPON TV
      • AbemaTV, Inc.
      • TV Asahi Corporation

Technical volunteers

      • Manufacturing and retail companies that focus on Japanese tea
      • Cosmetics case design and manufacturing companies
      • Individual racing teams
      • Leather decorative processing companies

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